Customer Management

Customer management is a process of managing customers related records.

Below are following features of customer management. With the help of this, you can easily understand the functionality of customer management.

Manage Customer
Recycle Bin

Customer Management - Manage Customer

To manage customers, Go to Customers -> Manage Customers. Here you can view customer, or edit and delete the customer details also.

For adding new customer, Go to Customers -> Manage Customers -> Add New Customer, and submit details. In this, you can also add new customer by using CSV file.

To view customer details, Go to Customers -> Manage Customers -> View Details. This provide the complete information of an customer such as customer profile, Contact Details, Calls, Appointment, Quotations, Order, Tickets, Documents & Files, Notes, Login History, Assigned history.

  • Profile
  • Contacts
  • Calls
  • Appointments
  • Quotations
  • Order
  • Tickets
  • Documents & Files
  • Notes
  • Login History
  • Assigned History

Customer Management - Recycle Bin

To View deleted customer details, Go to Customers -> Click on Recycle Bin. Here you get the list of customers which are deleted, and you can also restore the customer details also.

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