Multiple User Management Software

Staff management software is described as the complete set of staff management tools that a company needs to manipulate staff information, engagement, and performance, and drive more value throughout the enterprise.

Role-based security ensures that information is available to customers based on the organization’s hierarchy. Profiles, on the other hand, make certain that customers have permission to access most effective the applicable functions in CRM: the various modules, information management tools, and automation features they need. Additionally, defining permissions by organizations lets you increase the information-level access to different customers with similar roles profiles.

DAD CRM Pro Multiple User Management Software Feature

Role Management System.
Easy to assign Module access.

Easy to create Staff/User and assign them roles.
Staff Login panel.

In DAD CRM, the admin can manage multiple users by creating staff members. When the admin adds a new staff member, he will assign the role to the user so that the user access the information according to their roles. The user management tool is very essential within an organization for security purposes. For data security, the admin can view all activity performed by their users.

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