Customer Management Software

A customer management system is a cluster of all of the systems, processes, and programs which might be had to manipulate customer relationships. It is likewise generally referred to as Customer Relationship Management. An Inventory CRM system presents a relevant area wherein corporations can save customer and staff data, track customer interactions, and share these statistics with staff. It permits corporations to manage relationships with customers, supporting the business to grow.

DAD CRM Pro Customer Management Software Feature

Add Customer by Admin/staff.
Import/Export CSV Customers.
Customer Login Section.
Mobile SMS and Email Alert.
Customer Profile Management.
Customer Contact Management.
Customer Call Management.
Customer Appointment Management.

Customer Quotation Management.
Customer Order Management.
Customer Ticket Management.
Customer Documents & File Management.
Customer Note Management.
Customer Assigned History Information.
Customer Login Record.

A customer Management System helps the organization to manage customer information in a centralized database. It stores all the details of customer interaction and their contact and call details. With a customer management system, you can manage customer call details, contact details, appointment scheduling, quotation, orders, helpdesk tickets, manage private notes, and more.

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