Inventory Management Software

An inventory management system (or stock system) is the system through that you track your items at some point of your complete supply chain, from purchasing to manufacturing to end sales. It governs the way you approach inventory management in your business. Inventory management facilitates corporations to pick out which and how much inventory to order at what time. It tracks stock from buy to the sale of items. The exercise identifies and responds to traits to ensure there’s constantly sufficient stock to satisfy client orders and the right caution of a shortage.

DAD CRM Pro Inventory Management Software Feature

Unlimited Product Creation.
Assign Category & Taxes to Product.
Automatic Tax Calculation.

Multiple Currency.
Product Barcode Creation.
Maintain Stock.

Inventory Management System Provide the functionality of managing products or items in your inventory. It also manages the taxes and assigns them to the product. In this, you can also manage the products according to their category. In inventory management, it provides the feature of barcode scanning for every product and you can easily maintain product stock and check all the product stock easily. With the stock feature in Inventory Management System, you can also check the stock added history.

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