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DAD CRM is a free self hosted CRM software that allows you to manage leads, customers, invoices, products, projects, support tickets and other critical features. DAD CRM is based on the popular open source language PHP & MYSQL. We are helping customers fulfill the basic requirements for small and mid-sized companies. Click the download section to download the install file and upload to your server. Yes ! it is true ! DAD CRM is absolutely free , it is a self-hosted Free CRM Software. you do not have to pay any recurring fees, ever…. – its 100% free CRM script. If you want to add some more features in “DAD CRM” we can add on it in a very reasonable cost.

What is DAD CRM ?

DAD CRM is a web based self hosted free CRM Software. “DAD CRM” is developed in the popular open source language PHP & MySQL. You can download the free CRM source code from our download section and install in your server absolutely free. Its template based CRM software so you can also customize your template according to your design.

Who can use CRM ?

DAD CRM is very versatile and can be used by anyone according to their needs. If you’re company needs to manage leads, customers, staff and sales our DAD CRM software allows you to take control. If you are a developer and wish to use this CRM software for your clients you can use the free crm script.


DAD CRM Was developed by our experienced development team and it is well tested. It’s a free CRM software that you can download and upload it into your server absolutely free. Security is paramount and with DAD CRM the source code and database will be in your server, only you have access to your data keeping it secure and under your control.


Lead Management

You can grow your business by the help of lead management. in lead management, admin/staff can manage new lead, call, proposal, appointment,contacts. admin can also convert lead to customer.

Product Management

In CRM Software admin/staff can manage their products and associate them with their category.

Expenses Management

Any cost is incurred in the customers or anywhere in the company. If there are expenses, the admin/staff can easily add it DAD CRM Software. admin can easily find out his company expenses and manage it if needed.

Reports Management

If the administrator/Staff wants to see company’s estimates,invoices and customer reports, he/she can easily get it from report management section. he/she can get data either csv or pdf format.

Customer Management

In crm software, admin/Staff can easily add, manage customers and can add their calls, notes, contacts, appointments, proposal, estimates, invoices and account .

Sales Management

Admin or Staff can add, send or manage –  proposals, estimates, invoices, taxes very easily.

Support Management

If any of your customer needs any help from you or he is having a problem, then he can create a ticket. In the DAD CRM,  admin/staff can login and create a support ticket to your customer. customer can also create tickets.

Staff Management

In crm software, an administrator can create and manage their staff and  also can assign module to them very easily. administrator  can inactive or disable staff login account.


Because each company has its different customers, they have different products, so we can not put them in the same crm software. If we build a CRM software with many features and a company using only basic features then for this case many features crm software is worthless for that company. After a lot of research, we came to the conclusion that we have divided CRM Software into two parts and that is DAD Sales CRM and DAD Service CRM.


DAD CRM Software is good for companies that sell their products and they have to send their customers to estimate invoices and proposals.


DAD Service CRM Software is good for those companies that provide product and task based services.


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DAD CRM software is the most popular free crm software of today. This open source crm software is built from the PHP Codeigniter Framework. With this free crm script, we can manage lead and customer easily. We have shown all the data related to leads in the list section and data related to the customers is shown in the customer section. New ideas were invented by us to create this software. Our team has tried its best to make this free crm software user friendly and we will keep bringing new features to this free crm script. With this free crm system, we can easily make proposals, estimates and invoices and manage the data of these easily.

All the features of crm are available in this open source crm software such as creating new expenses and sells related features. Within this open source crm script, we have used such a functionality inside the Settings and setup Module, so that anyone can easily optimize it. The features of support management are also available inside this free open source script, so that we can create new tickets in it and manage them. This free crm software also has its own separate panel for the customer. From that customer login panel, customer can login and view their records.

DAD CRM Software is designed keeping in mind today’s technology. So this software will be beneficial for all users in the future –  any company can use this free crm system according to their needs. This free sales crm software has a feature called Template inside the company details in settings. With the help of this feature, any user can set their own template design. In this free project management php crm software, we can add and manage contacts, calls, appointments, and notes for the customer and lead. All the features of Customer and Leads in this free task management crm software are fully open source and easy to use.
This free crm software is very helpful for companies to create new invoices, estimates and proposals.  A staff/users section has been created for company employee’s to add and manages company’s data, admin can also assign staff to modules access of crm. This is a free self hosted crm system, anyone can free download it.

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