Customer Follow-up Software

A customer follow-up system is a set of approaches you and your team use to send follow-up conversations to each customer with the wish of both bringing them into the fold or maintaining their commercial enterprise long term. Let’s say a person interacts together along with your website through providing their email.
An effective customer follow-up system is a tool that you could use to offer gentle and timely reminders that display past and current customers you are interested in their needs and thoughtful enough to keep in touch.

DAD CRM Pro Customer Follow-up Software Feature

Add or Manage calls.
Manage Call History.
Manage Call status Incoming/Outgoing.

Add or Manage Appointment.
Schedule Appointment.
Share Appointment Details with Customer.

As a business, your precedence should be having a clean picture of your relationship with small agencies in any respect touch points. That consists of acquisition, first contact, sales funnel, conversion, ongoing income and marketing, up-sell, and follow ups. In DAD CRM, you can follow up your customer using calls and emails. You can easily schedule appointment with customer and share appointment details with customer easily.

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