DAD SALES CRM is free web based self hosting crm. You can download free DAD CRM script and upload in your server . yes its totally free crm script with mysql database. DAD CRM based on popular web scripting language php & mysql database. In DAD CRM lead management, customer management, staff management, expenses, support ticket, products  and sales management  all basic  features are available. if you want to add extra custom features in DAD CRM, then you can hire us – we can add extra features to DAD CRM at a very reasonable cost.

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After a lot of research on crm software, we found that there are a lot of crm software in the market but they are not able to provide what the customer really needs. some crm software is very large and loaded with many features but the customer does not need all those features. many crm comes with cloud base which charge to customers monthly or yearly based but customer don’t want to share their data to someone-else and don’t want tangled in the plan of monthly or yearly – they want their own crm software.
DAD CRM is free self hosted crm software. you can download free crm script and upload in your server. you can manage your database and files in your’s server all will be secure in your server – no hidden or extra charges – DAD CRM is free crm software. If you want to add some more features in current “DAD CRM” you can hire us.



    PHP VERSION: 5.6+

    PHP VERSION: 5.6+

    Yes you can use DAD CRM for your customers.

    Yes ! DAD CRM is free crm software.

    December 2019

    DAD CRM- Best Platform For Customer Management, Lead Management, Sales Management and Support Management

    DAD CRM Software is a Open Source PHP CRM Software, PHP DAD CRM Software arrange a platform to manage, establish and track communication with capability or existing clients, partners, agents and other contacts. Online DAD CRM Software has been used mainly as a sales, organization and marketing tool. However, in recent years, certain Customer Relationship Management Software have emerge to play a more central role, expanding ahead sales and marketing into almost every department. Online PHP CRM Software Platform [...]

    Role of DAD CRM Software for Sales and Marketing

    DAD CRM Software set up businesses to install long-term relationships with their prospects and customers by making personalized, worthwhile communication. CRM Software helps in businesses not only increase profitability but increase customer retention. Open Source CRM Software link up information about customers from a variation of origin, including email, websites, physical stores, and marketing and advertising intention. CRM Software that can help nurture your prospects and inspire sales is to make use of a good CRM Software. DAD CRM [...]

    Importance Of DAD CRM Software In Business

    CRM Software In Business, Customers are always at the midpoint of any amiable of business, In CRM Software most important and difficult task for a business is to recognize existing customers and collect new customers and this is possible only by DAD CRM. Your customers are important to your business and Open Source CRM Software is more necessary than ever to businesses because it can help you to hike new customers and recognize existing ones. Online CRM Software is [...]

    DAD Sales CRM Software

    DAD CRM software is a very good software for sales management. This software is mostly used in business companies. Sales related calculation of this software is very easy and user friendly. Basic aim of this software is to save the records of company customers. In this software you can create invoices, estimates and proposals for the customer and can also manage all these easily. This software is also used for lead management, customer management, product management and support [...]

    DAD CRM – FREE CRM Software

    DAD CRM software, made with the PHP Codeigniter Framework, is very helpful for Sales Management, Customer Management, and Product Management. This software can easily handle the tasks of any company. We have divided this software in modules . You can use this software to any area of ​​business. This is an free CRM Software, helpful for sales & inventory management companies. DAD CRM  is very beneficial for small and medium organization and also helpful for growing business. You will get [...]


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